Haarlem is a city full of culture, shops and people. But it's also a city that offers many nice and good places to eat! The board listed 5 of their favorite hotspots in Haarlem that you definitely have to try for lunch.

1. Yoghurt Barn (https://yoghurtbarn.nl/)
We love Yoghurt Barn! At the Yoghurt Barn you can create your perfect lunch. Pick one kind of yoghurt, your toppings and there you go! They have pre-made combinations, but you can also create your own. In for a brunch, picknick or high tea? They can fix that for you too! Make sure to bring your student card, because it will give you 10% discount. Also, they only take payments by card. You can find Yoghurt Barn at Kruisstraat 15. When you walk from the station to the Grote Markt, you will pass it, so keep an eye on your left side.

2. Crepe Affaire (http://www.crepeaffaire.com/nl/)
Right across the street at Yoghurt Barn, you will find Crepe Affaire. Whether you prefer a savoury or a sweet pancake: you can order it here! A personal favorite is the Merry Berry version, which comes with fresh fruit and yoghurt. You can also take it to-go! Adres: Kruisstraat 22.

3. Meester Frans (http://www.meneerfrans.nl/)
This lunchroom is pretty new and modern. It's very spacious, so that might come in handy when you want to have lunch with a bigger group. It's a great option for the Germans: you can order Flammkuchen! (I hope it's as good as you're used to..). Otherwise you can choose between various sandwiches or salads. Meester Frans is located at Oude Gedempte Gracht 90-92.

4. Bagels & Beans
And of course Haarlem has its own Bagels & Beans! Do I have to say more? Just take a look at Gierstraat 49.

5. SLA (http://ilovesla.com/)
SLA opens on the 1st of September 2016 and we can definitely recommend it when you need something healthier! After Amsterdam, Haarlem will get its own lunchroom now. It's also perfect for people who are lactose intolerant, gluten-free or vegan. At SLA they make salads, soup, juices, smoothies and cakes, so there's always something that you feel like eating. Find it at the corner of Kruisweg 68A.