Hi, seagulls! Welcome to the Netherlands!

We hope you had a nice trip, through this document we will present 3 ways to go to Haarlem from Schiphol Airport (or click here to see the video).

Before starting, we advise you to always carry a mask in public transport; otherwise, you will get 50 euros fine. Also, download the two official apps of the Netherlands' public transport: NS and 9292.

In case we offer you guys the pickup service at the airport, you will find us at the meeting point, which is located between Ako and Burger King.


Is it considered the cheapest option however takes the longest time.

How to get ticket

  1. Go to Connexxion Website ( https://www.connexxion.nl/en/ )
  2. Change the language option from Dutch to English.
  3. Fill in Airport, Schiphol to from, and Hogeschool Inholland, Haarlem to (Make sure to always click on bus station).
  4. Check the itinerary with just buses, not with the train; otherwise, you cannot purchase the e-ticket.
  5. Then click on "order e-ticket" and fill the required formation.
  6. You may use various payment options such as iDEAL, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Sofort Banking, Bancontact.
  7. After you pay the ticket, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a QR code. Make sure you get a screenshot in case you lose your internet connection. 

Steps to take 

  • From the meeting point, go outside of Schiphol Airport to the screens where you will have to look for the bus 300 that goes to Haarlem Station, which comes every 10 min.
  • The bus 300 arrives at Platform B8 to B12
  • Once you enter in the bus, scan the QR code you have received from Connexxion to check-in.
  • It will take you from Schiphol Airport to Haarlem Station in approximately 40 min.
  • Once you arrive Haarlem Station take Bus 81 at Platform A
  • Stop at Hogeschool Inholland that is the stop right after NOVA college stop. (It takes 5-10 min)
  • From this stop will take just 3 min walking to arrive at the University



How to get ticket

  1. Go to the "yellow and blue NS ticket machines" that from the meeting point you will see.
  2. Change the language option from Dutch to English.
  3. Click One way.
  4. Press O and choose "overveen".
  5. Choose the payment option either with debit/ credit cards or coins. Unfortunately, do not accept euro banknotes.
  6. In case you have any trouble you can just go to the train tickets & services or the train information booth.

Steps to take

  • Once you have your ticket scan the ticket to check-in.
  • Go to Platform 1-2, it depends.
  • Take the train that goes to Sloterdijk station. Once you arrive at Sloterdijk station, go to platform 7 and take the train that goes to Overveen station.
  • From Overveen station will take just 3 min walking to arrive at the University.



  • Install the app and put the address (Bijdorplaan 15, Haarlem Netherlands).
  • The price range is approximately between 35 – 50 euros.

You can also take a taxi, but this could be the most expensive option.


Remember always to check in and check out your ticket.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Instagram(@esnhaarlem) and Facebook page (@ESNInhollandHaarlem).

See you soon, seagulls!